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German Centre Office Building Tenant Overview

At this time, about 130 companies are tenants in the German Centre Shanghai in Pudong. Owing to the concentration of services in one spot in Pudong, the principle of “short distances” holds good, ensuring that German companies do not lose any time making the leap to China. This concept has thoroughly proven itself from the opening day of the German Centre Shanghai.

The mix of tenants in the German Centre Shanghai office building consists of small and mid-sized German companies which are complemented by several international corporations. Everyone profits from this interesting mix of tenants, which is rich in synergies as well.

Here, you can download an overview of all our current tenants as a PDF file.

Industry Overview

Automotive Industry and Subcontractors


Shanghai Egen Fluid Process Technology Co., Ltd.

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Building Industry and Building Materials

Dr. Hahn GmbH & Co. KG Shanghai Rep. Office
Hautau GmbH Shanghai Rep. Office
Lucobit Flexible Polymers (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
OWA Ceiling Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Precast Software Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Chemical pharmaceuticals medicine

Aromazone Pharmaceutical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Berkeley Lights Inc.
BioRegen Biomedical Co., Ltd.
Chemoform AG
Fujimi Incorporated Shanghai Rep. Office
Kirsch Pharma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Nabaltec (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
SIC invent Shanghai Limited
S.I.M.E.O.N. Medical Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Treibacher Industrie AG Shanghai Rep. Office

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Consumer goods

Bitburger (Shanghai) Beer Trading Co., Ltd.
Nolte Kuechen GmbH & Co., KG
Rosenthal Lifestyle Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.

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Electronics and Electrical Products

ATMI International Trading Co., Ltd.
Data Modul Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Entegris (Shanghai) Microelectronics Trading Co., Ltd.
Erni Asia Holding Pte Ltd.
Hoppe China Co., Ltd.
Jacob Electronic Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Madison Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd.
Metis-micro (Shanghai) Inc.
Suzhou Etron Technologies Co., Ltd.
SK Siltron Shanghai Rep. Office

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IT Consultant & Software Service

APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH
AsiaAssist Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
HEAD acoustics China Co., Ltd.
Industrie Informatik GmbH
NavVis GmbH
Palis Digital Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai LeGang Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Tebis Software Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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Measuring and Control Technology

Binder Environmental Testing Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Diehl Metering (Jinan) Co., Ltd.
DOM 3D (Shanghai) Ltd.
Feinmetall (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
GOM Optical Measuring Techniques (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
optek-Danulat Shanghai Co., Ltd.

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Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Avantec Zerspantechnik GmbH
Bdp Mechanical Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
CAMA Packaging Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Fogtec Brandschutz GmbH & Co. KG
Herrenknecht (Shanghai) Tunnelling Equipment Co., Ltd.
JVK Filtration Systems GmbH Shanghai Rep. Office
Katadyn China Co., Ltd.
Madero (Shanghai) Dairy Systems Co., Ltd.
Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler Shanghai Co., Ltd.
MTU Aero Engines (Shanghai) Ltd.
PFM Packaging Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Piller Blowers & Compressors (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Strothmann Machines & Handling Trade
Schmitz Cargobull Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Schwarz Schmidt Tooling GmbH Shanghai
Shanghai SNZ Bearing Company Limited
Scholler (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Valiant – TMS Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Wandres cleaning machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Wohlhaupter GmbH China Office

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Metal Industry and Trade

Shanghai Flying Dragon Steel Ltd.

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Service Company

artax Audit & Tax Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
ATMI Clean Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
China Merchants Bank Shanghai Branch
Citic Securities Zhangjiang Park Outlet of Shanghai
Duet (Shanghai) Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Expomobilia MCH Global Shanghai Ltd.
FC Bayern Munich (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Generalkonsulat der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Akademische Prüfstelle
Google Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
HGS Concept (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Sub-branch
INCREON Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Ingenics Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Inkoma Aktiengesellschaft
JP International Search Consultants Co., Ltd.
Keran Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
LOBECO (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
Longwin Capital
LLS Team International Freight Forwarding (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Messe Duesseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
metron Vilshofen (Shanghai) Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
M.Y. and Associates Ltd.
Rat für Formgebung Service GmbH
Schindhelm Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH Shanghai Rep. Office
Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Blue Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Changli Assets Management Co., Ltd
Shanghai ETL Accounting Firm
Shanghai ETL International Consulting Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hepai Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Jingling Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Lianchuang Yongquan Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Lilian Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Shengtong Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai TF Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Asia-Pacific Healthcare Management Co., Ltd.
SIACI Saint Honore Shanghai Rep. Office
SL-atc Shanghai
Talentscope Asia Pacific Company
UNITY Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
VdS Schadenverhuetung GmbH Shanghai Rep. Office
W+S Engineering Co., Ltd.
Yunli (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Albis Plastic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Combitrade GmbH Shanghai Rep. Office
Cosphatec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Drbere (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
eBay Engineering & Research Center Shanghai
eBay e-Commerce Technology Operations
ELASKON Shanghai Lubrication Trading Co., Ltd.
Flavine Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Hainan Wenchang Fuyao Silica Sand Co., Ltd.
IMER (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
ITI Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Kitay (Shanghai) International Trading Limited
Nilo (Shanghai) Metal Trading Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hanshuo Trading Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Subtor International Trading Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Teda International Trading Co., Ltd.
SIMALFA China Co., Ltd.
Unitrade Shanghai Company Limited

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