DFE (Shanghai) Chemicals Co., Ltd.

DFE Chemie GmbH from Düsseldorf, known in China as 德菲, supplies the industry with innovative specialty chemicals for surface treatment. A consistently high product quality at fair prices is the outstanding goal of DFE. The aim is to generate the greatest possible benefit for customers. The company was awarded the TOP 100 seal in 2021; this makes it one of the TOP 100 innovators of the German SME sector. The quality management system for DFE Chemie`s production and sales is certified by TÜV Nord according to ISO 9001:2015.

From DFE Germany`s product portfolio, in particular pickling inhibitors for the steel industry have been used in China since 2010. These are highly developed additives to improve the quality and effectiveness of steel pickling. The corrosion inhibitors of the FEPORID® series (Chinese brand name: 菲珀睿®) have proven to be highly efficient and reliable. In 2011 and 2016, the products FEPORID® 388 and FEPORID® 588 were each able to win the Industry Prize awarded annually by the Huber Verlag at the Hanover Industry Fair.

The branch founded in Shanghai in 2013, DFE (Shanghai) Chemicals Co., Ltd. sells DFE Germany`s products in China. In addition, raw materials for DFE’s international activities are purchased in China and exported. Besides on-site technical support, DFE Shanghai, in cooperation with the German parent company, also offers sophisticated laboratory analysis for the individual optimization of the customer’s production processes.

DFE`s customers in China include small private pickling lines as well as well-known steel groups. What they have in common is that they put a strong focus on product quality and cost efficiency and constantly strive to optimize their processes.


DFE (Shanghai) Chemicals Co., Ltd.
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