What our Tenants say

What our Tenants say

Who could better tell you about the many advantages and possibilities of the German Centre Shanghai than our tenants right on the premises? This is where you can find a representative range of opinions on our office building and our Services.

Our company is a tenant in the German Centre Shanghai. The Centre delivers the things a small business needs to get started in the Chinese market; for example, infrastructure items like an Internet connection. That took a lot off our shoulders.

Manfred Hick, Chief Representative Officer
Stromag AG

It makes a lot of sense for us to be a tenant in the German Centre. Ninety percent of the leased area is leased by German companies. These include many small organizations and mid-sized businesses which are still new and need some orientation in China. Because we essentially consult to German-speaking companies, the German Centre is essentially a good multiplier for us.

Johannes Kuessner and Simone Ida Andernhub
Artax, Tax Advisors and Attorneys

When I first started working as a Chief Representative of a German company 18 years ago, we were already tenant at the German Centre Shanghai, still based at Tongji University. It is a real pleasure to have come back to the German Centre Shanghai now. I really enjoy working here and the service is very friendly and helpful. Additionally many fun events create networking opportunities and a lively atmosphere!

Ralf Tao
Reich Drive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.