Navigating the New Terrain – China’s Company Law Amendments

The revised Company Law now encompasses a total of 266 articles, an increase from the previous 218, with approximately 100 articles being added or revised.

On February 28, we hosted an enlightening presentation and panel discussion focusing on the recent amendments to China’s Company Law, set to take effect on July 1, 2024. This information is pivotal for businesses operating within China.

The event commenced with a comprehensive introductory presentation by Mr. Sebastian Wiendieck and Mr. Ralph Koppitz from Rödl & Partner China. Their expertise provided a robust foundation for the ensuing discussions, offering a thorough analysis of the significant amendments. These include modifications to capitalization rules, internal governance structures, and the introduction of a new requirement for employee representation within companies. Their presentation was both informative and insightful, shedding light on the practical implications these legal changes will impose on businesses in China.

Following the presentation, an engaging panel discussion took place, featuring industry leaders such as Mr. Felix Hess, VP and Head of Compliance of Siemens China; YANG Cheng, General Manager China of HORA; Mr. Christian Schotmann, Interim Manager of Carlo Gavazzi Automation; and Mr. Christian Sommer, CEO of the German Centre Shanghai. The diversity of the panellists, representing a broad spectrum of industries, enriched the discussion, providing attendees with a multifaceted view of how different sectors are approaching the new legal landscape.

Key topics discussed included the restructuring processes necessitated by the new law, the legal liabilities that businesses may face, and the formalities required for maintaining compliance. The panellists shared their insights and strategies, offering a blend of theoretical understanding and practical advice that was highly valued by the audience.

The event was not just a platform for learning about the new Company Law amendments but also served as a valuable networking opportunity, allowing professionals from various industries to connect and share their experiences and strategies for adapting to these changes rounded up with original German Centre Shanghai Curry Wurst and draft beer from Brander.