Leveraging Diversity for Enhanced Productivity in Sino-German Cooperation

On June 6, we had the pleasure of hosting a highly successful event titled “Leveraging Diversity for Enhanced Productivity in Sino-German Cooperation,” featuring esteemed speakers Ms. Fang Fang and Dr. Michael Bohrmann from bdp, a long-term trusted tenant at the German Centre Shanghai. With a turnout of 50 participants, the event was a testament to the growing interest and importance of cross-cultural cooperation between China and Germany.

Ms. Fang Fang and Dr. Bohrmann, both experienced speakers, provided invaluable insights into the complexities of Sino-German interactions. Their expertise was evident in the way they seamlessly integrated theoretical knowledge with practical anecdotes, making the session both informative and engaging. This approach helped demystify complex cultural concepts and offered practical advice for dealing with everyday workplace challenges and strategic decisions.

A standout feature of the event was the interactive self-assessment exercise designed to help participants evaluate their leadership and management styles. This activity not only encouraged self-reflection but also facilitated a deeper understanding of how different cultural backgrounds influence professional behavior.

After the workshop, all participants were invited to further discuss and network with snacks and drinks in our wonderful garden area, providing a relaxed atmosphere to continue the conversations sparked during the seminar.