Job Fair for German Learners

Sunday, May 26, we hosted a successful Job Lab at the German Centre Shanghai, organized by Katharina Quicker and Katharina Elbers from DAAD. The event featured a series of workshops on application training, an exhibition showcasing potential employers, and several enlightening presentations for young German learners in China.

Peter Hergemoeller, our Head of Marketing and Communication, commenced the presentations with a discussion on Sino-German economic cooperation and the opportunities available for German learners in China.

We were honored to have Uwe Koch, Head of the Department for Culture and Education as well as the Science Department of the German Consulate General Shanghai, who spoke on the essential role of German Studies in China, underscoring the growing demand for cultural and educational exchange.

We also had the pleasure of hosting Vivian Gu, HR Director at AHK Greater China, Philipp Ehner, a trainee at DIHK, and Minyue Wang, HR Manager in Shanghai at AHK Greater China. They provided invaluable advice for young professionals on how to successfully enter the job market, shedding light on the workings of the German Chamber in China.

Additionally, Alexandra Runge, the Austrian Vice Consul for Trade Affairs, shared her insights on Austrian foreign trade and Sino-Austrian economic cooperation.