Flexpat Community at the German Centre Shanghai

On Thursday, June 27, the German Centre Shanghai welcomed a vibrant and diverse group of professionals from the Flexpat community.

The German Centre Shanghai is home to over 100 companies from Germany, China, and around the globe. More than just an office space, it is a place where connections are made, and growth is nurtured. Hosting this remarkable event emphasized the importance of human interaction in business, diplomacy, and academia. This gathering exemplified our commitment to fostering mutual learning and the exchange of perspectives essential for success.

The synergy between the Flexpat community and the German Centre Shanghai was evident. Diverse minds from various cultures and industries came together, each offering unique insights and fostering a dynamic environment of communication and collaboration.

A highlight of the evening was the keynote speech by Olivia, who captivated the audience with her insights and set the tone for a night of engaging discussions and networking.

The Flexpat event at the German Centre Shanghai was a resounding success. With more than 140 participants, it was the biggest Flexpat event so far. It reinforced our role as a pivotal community hub and highlighted the importance of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and success.

The Flexpat community emerged from the China Flexpat Podcast for professionals working in China.

We look forward to more events that inspire, connect, and create lasting impacts.