Electronic Waste and Recycling Day

On 17 August, 2017, WE Project (founded by GreenInitiatives) together with the German Centre Shanghai held an awareness event in the atrium of Tower 1 about e-waste, its environmental effects, and how each of us can make a change by consciously buying and recycling electronic devices.

In the evening, at 6:30 pm, many people participated in a documentary screening organized by WE project about e-waste and its environmental effect at the GC Brasserie. Through this screening, most of the people realized the importance of proper dispose of these broken or unwanted electronic devices.

In 2014, 6 million tons of electronic waste were discarded in China. 75% either goes to landfills or is processed in informal recycling centers causing environmental and health problems. The production of new electronic devices requires many materials: plastics (fossil fuels), metals and earth materials. Our resources are finite and we have to make sure our air, earth and water is clean and healthy for everybody, everywhere. That’s why the proper recycling of electronic waste is so important.