A Meeting of Minds: German Centre Shanghai Hosts Future Leaders

German Centre Shanghai welcomed 35 of the brightest students from St. Gallen University and Singapore Management University. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Han Zheng and Prof. Dr. Matthias Tietz, the students were on their China Study Mission, delving into the intricacies of international business and cooperation.

Our CEO and Chairman, Christian Sommer, kicked off the visit with an insightful presentation about the Sino-German economic cooperation and our role as a pivotal business centre and office provider in this dynamic. His deep understanding and clear articulation set the stage for a fruitful exchange of ideas.

The highlight of the day was the panel discussion featuring esteemed representatives from our tenant companies. Marcel Brinkmann (Partner and Lawyer at Schindhelm), Chris H. Huang (Director Greater China at JPcontagi), and Stefan Dattenberger (Associate Partner at Ingenics Consulting) provided valuable insights. Their perspectives as professionals bridging European and Chinese business cultures were particularly enlightening, offering a real-world view of the challenges and opportunities in cross-continental business operations.

The engagement between the students and panellists was remarkable. After enjoying our famous German Centre Shanghai Currywurst, the students, well-prepared and full of thoughtful questions, sparked a discussion that lasted over 3 hours. Their keen observations and inquiries into various aspects of international business demonstrated their potential as future leaders in the global business arena.

This visit was more than just an academic exercise; it was a meeting of minds, cultures, and ideas. It underscored the importance of such exchanges in fostering mutual understanding and collaboration between the future business leaders of Europe and Asia. We at the German Centre Shanghai are proud to have hosted this event and look forward to more such enriching experiences.