1<sup>st</sup> German Centre Company Cup Tennis Tournament

The first German Centre Company Cup Tennis Tournament, hosted in June by German Centre Shanghai and Mass Tennis, was a healthy opportunity for companies in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone to network with other companies in a friendly sports competition. In June, the teams competed in the first qualification rounds before going to the finals on 3 July.

A tennis tournament, where colleagues play side by side as teammates on the court, striving to win on behalf of the company is a welcome break from the busy office hours.

Overall, 8 teams participated in the Tennis Tournament 2021 with 6 players each. Companies such as Mass Tennis, eBay, German Centre Shanghai, DuPont Shanghai, Codeage, Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, Nokia Shanghai Bell and Thousand lsland Lakes Fucheng Agricultural Co, joined this tournament.

We thank all teams for the participation and congratulate GC All-Stars on winning the tournament, followed by Bell VC placing 2nd and DuPont MM placing 3rd.