ABENDBROT Foods Co., Ltd.

ABENDBROT was founded in 2006. We have four offline flagship stores in Shanghai, two standard baking factories with an area of over 10,000 square meters, and have obtained BRCGS Global Food Standard certification;

In 2006, German engineer Karl, driven by a longing for the flavors of his hometown bread, teamed up with Matthias, a distinguished baker hailing from a six-decade-long baking family in Germany, to establish Shanghai’s inaugural ABENDBROT traditional German bakery.

Fast forward to 2018, Karl and his wife returned to Germany, leaving the renowned organic food founder Mr. Qiu Jianxin in charge. Mr. Qiu, an ardent fan of German bread, is a champion of a healthy lifestyle and the artisan spirit. He aspires to instill a love for German-style, health-conscious baking within Chinese households.

ABENDBROT stands apart by meticulously selecting premium ingredients, faithfully upholding traditional German recipes and techniques, while avoiding artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The goal is to rediscover the authentic taste of bread and return to the essence of healthy baking.


ABENDBROT Foods Co., Ltd.
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ABENDBROT Foods Co., Ltd.