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ABENDBROT Foods Co., Ltd.

Since our establishment in 2006 ABENDBROT offers a growing range of traditional German bakery products in Shanghai. Of course, our factory produces all sorts of bread, rolls and cakes freshly everyday. Thereby our German bakers use only imported flours and ingredients with a high quality standard.

Delicious German cakes, deeply satisfying German multi-grain breads, fantastic German rolls all made according to traditional German recipes. Moreover we offer every time fresh made sandwiches and a delicious range of typical German sausages for a great German meal at home.


ABENDBROT Foods Co., Ltd.
88 Keyuan Road, Apartmentgebäude
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
201203 Shanghai
PR China

Tel.: +86 21 2898 6733

ABENDBROT Foods Co., Ltd.