Leadership Workshop

Leveraging Diversity for Enhanced Productivity in Sino-German Cooperation

Thursday, 6 June, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

German Centre Shanghai, Tower 1, Basement Conference Centre, Keyuan Road No. 88, Pudong, Shanghai

Language: English
Price: Free of charge

Q&A Session
Self Assessment
Snacks, Drinks & Networking

Working in a Sino-German cross-cultural environment means diversity and colorfulness. With German headquarters, Chinese subsidiaries, Sino-German joint ventures, and supply chains in both countries, collaboration among individuals from super diverse cultural backgrounds is the new norm. However, when colleagues from China and Germany work together, you will find that they have different working habits, mindsets and communication styles, which can lead to misunderstandings, reduce productivity and have a significant impact on work results.

In cross-cultural cooperation between China and Germany, many professionals realize that language barriers, cultural differences and conflicting values not only affect communication, leadership and decision-making, but also limit the sustainable development of the company. How does one address specific challenges such as, “Why do I feel that I am often misunderstood?”, “Do we need a leader decision or a collective decision?”, “How do managers motivate their team members?”, “How can we criticize without hurting?”

Our workshop will sort out interpersonal differences between China and Germany through a number of case studies, allowing you to understand the different cultural concepts behind thinking and behavior, explaining specific situations and providing practical advice for action. We will demonstrate and discuss:

1. Comparative Cultural Analysis Between China and Germany

  • Contrasting stereotypes of individuals from China and Germany
  • Essential soft skills for intercultural work

2. Comparison of Communication Styles in China and Germany

  • Direct communication/honest communication, why it is important to speak frankly
  • Indirect communication/euphemistic communication, why you should say enough, but not more

3. Comparison of Work and Management Styles in China and Germany

  • Comparative analysis of management styles in China and Germany
  • Understanding the perception of a „good leader“ in Chinese culture
  • What is a “strong team member” – as perceived coming from a German background

Our workshop provides intercultural expertise as background knowledge to understand differing behaviors, fosters increased empathy, and helps in avoiding cultural conflicts between China and Germany, reducing workplace friction, and enhancing team synergy.




    Dr. Michael Bormann
    Tax Advisor / CEO of bdp Group

    As CEO of bdp Group, Dr. Michael Bormann has more than 30 years of experience in the German-Chinese sector. bdp China Desk was founded by him in 2013 to bring together a number of top-tier tax advisors, auditors, lawyers and senior consultants to provide German and European companies with the most professional finance, tax and legal advices throughout their business activities in China.

    Fang Fang
    Partner at bdp China / COO at bdp Mechanical Components

    Fang Fang has more than 15 years of working experience in Germany. She has been involved in dozens of Sino-German project operations and management roles, experienced different business sectors, diverse cultures and different product areas. She understands social and corporate culture differences from Chinese and German perspectives. integrating team members from China and Germany, guided by her principle of „seeking common ground while reserving differences and mutual respect”.

    Since 1992, the bdp Team has been providing professional advice to large and medium-sized enterprises facing entrepreneurial challenges. Established as a valued tenant in the German Centre Shanghai since 2016, they offer a seamless blend of expertise with their tax consultants, lawyers, auditors, and management consultants working together efficiently. Their services include Tax Consultancy, Legal Advice, Auditing, and a full range of Management Consulting from Restructuring to Corporate Transactions and Financing. Specializing in supporting Outbound Investments in China and Inbound Investments in Germany and Europe, bdp Team maintains offices across Germany, China, Spain, Bulgaria, and Switzerland, positioning them as a global partner in business success.