Cyber Security Seminar

Cyber Security Seminar

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Friday 11 May 2018 @ GC Shanghai Room

Topic and Agenda

Cyber Security Law Look Back

As the China Cyber Security Law (CSL) became effective in June 2017, many multi-national organizations in China have devoted considerable effort to comply with this legislation. EY Cyber Security team will share with the audience about the execution and development of CSL as well as the leading practices. Key topics include:

  • Latest development of CSL
  • What other MNCs have been doing?
  • What compliance priorities should be focused by MNCs?
  • Q&A

Cyber Security from Global Perspective

In the digital world, organizations should assume cyber attacks are unavoidable and should establish a resilient security management system. Organization should focus on repelling the most common attacks as well as advanced and emerging types of attacks. Key topics include:

  • What is the global cyber threat landscape?
  • How are the attacks affecting us?
  • How can we respond?


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