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peiker (Shanghai) Automotive Technology Co. Ltd.

peiker is a leading provider of components in the area of communications technology – both for cars and for professional radio (PMR). Founded as an acoustics company in 1946, its product portfolio extends to all components of in-car infotainment and entertainment. peiker’s connectivity modules are suitable for use in vehicles and enable a fast and reliable data transmission on the road; under the heading of “connected car”, it thus opens the car door to the internet, navigation, other manufacturer-specific assisted services, and emergency call (eCall). Among peiker’s regular clients are renowned international auto manufacturers, industrial firms, government agencies, and mobile phone manufacturers. More information is available at


peiker (Shanghai) Automotive Technology Co. Ltd.
88 Keyuan Road, Unit 733, Tower 2
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
201203 Shanghai
PR China

Tel.: +86 21 2898 6323

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